There are times you don't want to stress over the details. There are times when you want to relax and take it easy. EBS allows you to do just that. Give us your destination and time and we take care of the rest.  Our luxury vehicles allow you to have the peace of mind and quiet comfort that will allow you to unwind or focus on the events ahead.  Our vehicles ride so smoothly and quietly we've had customers sleep until their arrival.  Its just that peaceful.  Get a quote today and let us set your mind at ease.

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EBS provides 2018 state of the art media and video experience based on your needs. EBS luxury vehicles provide WiFi and video systems that allow you to work on, review, or discuss your presentations while leaving the driving to us. We provide wireless headphones for privacy at your request and a seamless remote that will allow you to browse your topics. No worries, no hassles we take care of the travel while you get it all together.

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Privacy and peace are what we've built our reputation on.  Our vehicles have tinted glass that allows you to enjoy the view while no one sees you.  Observe and see your surroundings in a whole new lite.  We never share your personal information or itinerary with anyone.  We strive to facilitate your seclusion from the world and ciaos around your.  Giving you the peace of mind you want while providing you the conveyance you need.

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EXECUBLACK_ Luxury Professional Executive Transportation Services

Since 1993


We pride ourselves in providing our clients and customers with a luxurious experience they will enjoy and remember.

Our drivers are courteous and professional paying great attention to the details. If it's within our capability we will accommodate.

Give us a call. We're here to service your private car needs. Our vehicles are equipped to give you the seclusion and quiet peace you want and desire during your journey. Gather your thoughts, take a nap - we've got everything covered.

Your dream ride awaits. Give us a call 252-341-0801 - EXECUBLACK - Lets RIDE!



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The next steps are yours. Are you ready to ride in the lap of luxury? Do you deserve the best?  Then request a luxury quote or simply give us a call. Your luxury specialist is waiting.